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Switch From Residential to Commercial Real Estate to Obtain More Money In Your Pocket

Although residential and commercial properties can both be excellent investments, commercial real estate may be a better option for investors who are willing to undertake a large venture. The perks of investing in commercial real estate in Louisville Kentucky include more impressive ROI, steady monthly cash flow, attractive leasing agreements, and much more. If you are currently investing in residential properties, here are some reasons why you should switch to commercial real estate. Easier to Obtain Large Sum of Capital If you are just getting started with commercial real estate investing, you will most likely need a large some of capital. Aside from obtaining money from individual investors, private money lenders, and other traditional financing options, there are not many

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The advantages of investing in commercial real estate today

Real estate has been a popular source of investment for investors of a backgrounds and financial standings. It’s safe, secure, and offers the potential for great returns. Given the volatility of other markets in the current economy, the property arena is perhaps an even more attractive than ever. While all opportunities in this field are good, there’s no doubt that commercial real estate is the best. Commercial investments hold many advantages over residential real estate. This is in addition to non-property related opportunities. Here are the most attractive elements that should pull you towards this marketplace. Profit Potential Revenue should be at the heart of all investment ventures, which is why commercial real estate is one of the greatest options

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Investing In Commercial Real Estate

It's only wise to think about how you can and should be investing your money. If you invest wisely, you could secure your future. Maybe you have done a bit of investing but want to take things further and make it into more than a hobby on the side. If that sounds familiar to you, you should look into commercial property investing.

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Louisville Brothers Launch HOWE Louisville Commercial Real Estate

Daily commuters passing through Butchertown have certainly noticed a few changes in the cityscape. Scores of redevelopment projects have brought new life to one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods. And one such development is home to a new venture by brothers Scott and Stewart Howe. The brothers have joined forces to launch HOWE Louisville, CRE. Though they walked very different paths toward careers in commercial real estate (Scott, as an artist, coach and small business owner, and Stewart charting the corporate waters in major markets) they are looking to team Scott’s knack for envisioning the potential in those “diamond in the rough” properties with Stewart’s affinity for untangling complex deals to make their mark on Louisville. Though they’ll engage across

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Crowdfunded real-estate investments: 3 ways to do it

When you think of crowdfunding, your first association may be a friend asking for donations on Kickstarter.While that’s how the industry started, “donation crowdfunding” has been eclipsed by crowdfunded investing, where investors purchase small stakes in projects ranging from tech startups to real-estate developments. In fact, investment crowdfunding (excluding community fundraising tools like Kickstarter) could top $300 billion annually by 2025, according to CFX Markets.This evolution began after Congress passed the JOBS (Jumpstart our Business Startups) Act in 2012, allowing businesses to broadly market formerly private investments to individuals. The legislation was designed to help fund startups, so many early crowdfunding platforms focused on that. More recently, real estate has emerged as the fastest-growing segment of the industry. Continue Reading

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Why Passive Investing In Commercial Real Estate Is A Smarter Strategy Than Single Family Rentals

One of the most common ways I have seen investors invest in real estate is to purchase and operate one or more single family houses as rentals. It’s a logical approach for many investors as it’s a process they understand, having purchased their own home. In addition, owning a second home can be attractive as the purchaser has likely witnessed the equity in their home grow over time. However, for investors seeking a more diversified and balanced approach to real estate investing, they may be better off rethinking this strategy and, instead, opting to build a portfolio of passive commercial real estate investments. Continue Reading

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