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The Commercial Landlord/Tenant Eviction Process in Louisville, KY

Evictions are not an easy process, even for commercial building owners. As the landlord, you have rights. As the tenant, he/she has rights. If you’ve decided to go through with an eviction, you will need to follow Kentucky’s eviction rules. If you follow the state’s landlord-tenant laws, you will be able to rent your commercial space again soon, which will keep you from losing more monthly rental income. In the state of Kentucky, you, as the landlord, must win an eviction lawsuit to evict the tenant. To evict a tenant in this state, you must have a legal cause, such has failure to pay rent or a violation in the rental agreement. After a legal cause has been determined, you

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Commercial Real Estate Beats Residential Any Day of the Week

If you are a real estate investor looking to plunk down some cash in hopes of a return the best bet is on commercial real estate. Here in the Louisville area especially the market is looking great. Obtaining up front capital for investment in commercial endeavors is far more easily done than it is for private home residential investing. You may use traditional methods of financing but also may choose to go with private equity firms, investment groups and even hedge funds. Having options opens your horizons. Commercial properties, in general have a better ROI (Return On Income) which can contribute to your net worth. This can be leveraged against for future investments and can continue to grow continually property

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Is Vacant Land a Valid Investment?

At first mention you may hear the words vacant land or vacant lot and think “Well that clearly won’t produce any income. It just sits there.” The truth is, that isn’t always the case. The beauty is in the simplicity. There are no construction costs, the only concern that needs to be factored into the purchase is “Is this property suitable for building?” It needs to be a ready to build piece of land in order for it to be a quick turn over property when the time is right. You can find some great deals on land that is not yet developed. Many land owners have no emotional attachment to the property and in fact no idea what to

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What to Do When a Commercial Property Tenant Files for Bankruptcy

In a changing economic and commercial market, it’s hard to say who is safe from bankruptcy these days. In 2017, Toys R Us, filed for bankruptcy protection, adding to a long list of other major retailers who did the same, including: The Limited, RadioShack, Payless ShoeSource, Aerosoles, and Vitamin World. Shopping behavior has truly dictated the closings and bankruptcies of many of these stories. As a commercial landlord, do you usually know if your tenant will be filing for bankruptcy? Yes, there will be some sure signs, including late rent payments, especially if it goes on for months. However, it still can be shocking and upsetting to receive a notice from Bankruptcy Court regarding the tenant. In this notice, you

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Commercial Real Estate Forecast 2018

We’re already in the second month of 2018. Time is flying! Now is a good time to give an overlook of the commercial real estate forecast in 2018. Just like the year before, there’s a lot of political and economic uncertainty. Right now, the United States’ economy is showing signs of growth with low inflation; accountants are trying to figure out the implications of the changes to the tax laws. There’s a lot going on! For this article, we wanted to share some 2018 commercial real estate trends to watch. 7 Commercial Real Estate Trends to Watch Interest rates – With a new Federal Reserve chairman, there is uncertainty if the Reserve will continue to raise interest rates. If inflation

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Here is How You Can Attract and Retain Commercial Tenants For Good

Although the economy and housing market has significantly improved in the past few years, many investors are still facing challenges with commercial real estate investing in Louisville, Kentucky. The biggest hurdle that these investors often encounter is reducing the number of vacancies in their buildings. By thoroughly understanding the needs of prospective clients, landlords can pursue effective opportunities to fill these vacancies as quickly as possible. Here are the best ways to attract and retain commercial tenants for your real estate property. Provide Fiber-Optic Internet Connection In today's fast-paced society where instant gratification is the norm, quick internet connection is not only expected but often demanded by clients. Since fiber optic internet offers a competitive speed and bandwidth, this type

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