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Louisville Brothers Launch HOWE Real Estate Commercial Real Estate

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Daily commuters passing through Butchertown have certainly noticed a few changes in the cityscape. Scores of redevelopment projects have brought new life to one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods. And one such development is home to a new venture by brothers Scott and Stewart Howe. The brothers have joined forces to launch HOWE Real Estate,

Crowdfunded real-estate investments: 3 ways to do it

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When you think of crowdfunding, your first association may be a friend asking for donations on Kickstarter.While that’s how the industry started, “donation crowdfunding” has been eclipsed by crowdfunded investing, where investors purchase small stakes in projects ranging from tech startups to real-estate developments. In fact, investment crowdfunding (excluding community fundraising tools like Kickstarter) could

Why Passive Investing In Commercial Real Estate Is A Smarter Strategy Than Single Family Rentals

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One of the most common ways I have seen investors invest in real estate is to purchase and operate one or more single family houses as rentals. It’s a logical approach for many investors as it’s a process they understand, having purchased their own home. In addition, owning a second home can be attractive

This REIT Dividend Trap Is About to Spring: Sell Now

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Last week, I gave you a peek under the hood of my “8% No-Withdrawal Retirement Portfolio.” I also showed you a ridiculously cheap fund with a 9% dividend yield you can get in on now. Today I’ll reveal another off-the-radar investment that forms the second pillar of this “crash-proof” portfolio. I’ll also name a popular dividend ETF boasting a tempting