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Investing in Commercial Office Space in Louisville

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Investing in commercial office space in Louisville can be overwhelming considering the types of commercial property can be vast. If you’re interested in investing in a commercial space and want to narrow your options down, think about investing in office space. Office space is a versatile option that is good for investors from all backgrounds

Finding the Right Tenants for Your Commercial Space

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Louisville, Kentucky, is a perfect place to invest in commercial retail property. The affluence of the commercial sector makes it a great place for business owners. Investing in property, any property, is a big investment. After purchasing the property, you, most likely, will be renting the commercial space out to business owners and companies. Your

8 Tips for a First-Time Real Estate Investor

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Thinking about investing in real estate? Congrats! Investing in anything is a big commitment. It can be a stressful process, but you can lessen the stress you go through by arming yourself with the proper knowledge. At HOWE Real Estate, we strive to provide the highest level of service available to our clients who are