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Do You Have A Commercial Real Estate Project We Can Help With?

Investing in Commercial Office Space in Louisville

Investing in commercial office space in Louisville can be overwhelming considering the types of commercial property can be vast. If you’re interested in investing in a commercial space and want to narrow your options down, think about investing in office space. Office space is a versatile option that is good for investors from all backgrounds and budgets. At HOWE Louisville, we work with real estate investors and small business owners who are interested in office space, which is a highly sought out type of commercial space. Our job is to assist clients, so they see the best return on their commercial investment. No matter the type of commercial space, as real estate brokers, we know this can be a daunting

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Finding the Right Tenants for Your Commercial Space

Louisville, Kentucky, is a perfect place to invest in commercial retail property. The affluence of the commercial sector makes it a great place for business owners. Investing in property, any property, is a big investment. After purchasing the property, you, most likely, will be renting the commercial space out to business owners and companies. Your goal is to land a quality tenant who can be an asset and who can boost the investment potential from the property. Your focus should be on finding the best tenants for your properties; however, the real estate commercial property market isn’t always easy for landlords. Often, you may see more retail spaces (empty) available and few prospective tenants looking to fill those spaces. It

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8 Tips for a First-Time Real Estate Investor

Thinking about investing in real estate? Congrats! Investing in anything is a big commitment. It can be a stressful process, but you can lessen the stress you go through by arming yourself with the proper knowledge. At HOWE Louisville, we strive to provide the highest level of service available to our clients who are interested in investing in both commercial and residential properties. Our deep real estate experience and market knowledge helps give our clients a critical competitive advantage in the greater Louisville market. Simply put, we do the hard work. Tips to Use When Buying Your First Rental Property We want to share some of this knowledge with you now by listing some tips you can use when buying

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The Pros of Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Thinking about investing? Why not do it in commercial real estate? Real estate has always been a great investment, and it still is in 2018. Our team at HOWE Louisville offers commercial real estate services with the goal of ensuring the investor’s capital goes to work for them. In Louisville, retail is a valuable option for investors. As an investor, you’re looking for the greatest profit level, and Louisville is the perfect place to invest in commercial property. Our commitment is to ensure that our investors see the rewards of investing in the affluent commercial sector. Benefits of investing in commercial real estate Steady income – Commercial properties give you a regular income stream through leases, which are at higher

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Benefits of Buying or Renting a Mixed-Use Property

Interested in investing in a mixed-use property? Or, looking for a space for your business? Have you considered a mixed-use property? Mixed use properties are on the rise. At HOWE Louisville, we offer valuable and useful consulting services, which can help make the purchase of a mixed-use property go more smoothly. With a mixed-use property, there is a lot to consider compared to other kinds of property, so its crucial, you (as the investor/landlord), have a solid understand or different aspects of real estate, and we can give you a helping hand with that! With a mixed-use property, the rewards are, most often, absolutely worth the effort, but you do need to be certain that you are making the right

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The Commercial Landlord/Tenant Eviction Process in Louisville, KY

Evictions are not an easy process, even for commercial building owners. As the landlord, you have rights. As the tenant, he/she has rights. If you’ve decided to go through with an eviction, you will need to follow Kentucky’s eviction rules. If you follow the state’s landlord-tenant laws, you will be able to rent your commercial space again soon, which will keep you from losing more monthly rental income. In the state of Kentucky, you, as the landlord, must win an eviction lawsuit to evict the tenant. To evict a tenant in this state, you must have a legal cause, such has failure to pay rent or a violation in the rental agreement. After a legal cause has been determined, you

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Achieving Clients’ Goals

Our deep commercial real estate experience and market knowledge gives you a critical competitive advantage in the greater Louisville market. Simply put, we do the hard work.

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